Radon Detectors

View $149.95 Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector
  • Easy to read numeric display in Bq/m3 (Canadian model HS79712)
  • Short term readings show last 7 day averages
  • Long term readings shows averages from last reset or up to 5 years
  • Audible alarm sounds for high radon readings
  • Samples air continuously
  • Conducts failsafe self test every 24 hours
  • 1 Year Warranty
View $35.00 Radtrak2® Radon Gas Detector Kit
  • Determine long-term average indoor concentrations
  • Single use 30 day or 90 day test
  • 90 day long term test recommended by Health Canada
  • Confidential and comprehensive lab analysis by Landauer included
  • Highly accurate alpha-track technology
View $95.00 Radtrak2 Radon Gas Detector Kits - 3 pack
  • Test multiple levels of your dwelling at once
  • Perform 30 and 90 day tests for verification of results
  • Health Canada recommends confirming any initial short-term measurement with a long-term measurement
  • Check results post mitigation

Rapidos Alpha Track

View $60.00 Rapidos Alpha Track
  • report by C-NRPP accredited and world renowned laboratory
  • suitable for 10-day to 30-day testing
  • lab fees included in price
  • confidential analytical report via RadOnline customer interface
  • customized reporting formats

Pylon Radon Air Test

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